The most comfy face cradle.

Soft, seamless & designed for humans.


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Creating the most gentle, yet powerful tools available to help you promote physical healing & stress reduction.

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No Sinus Pressure.

No Eye Pressure.

No Need to Adjust Mid-Massage.

No Wrinkles or Makeup Smearing.

Twice Patented.

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made in the u.s.a
smooth & soft
Easy to clean

We believe a relaxing massage has the power to bring a person back to their best self

I’m Matthew, the Inventor & Designer of Happyface.

About Matthew

Bodyworkers all over the world are treating their clients to a better massage experience with Happyface.

I have given over 50 massages with Happyface. My clients all love it. In 30+ years as a Massage Therapist, Happyface is the most innovative product I've used.

Linda C.

Really can't say enough good things about this product. My clients are absolutely loving this face cradle. They can actually breathe when they are on the table and when they get off! Works as advertised and is extremely comfortable. Every massage therapist should have one.

Adam D.

My clients didn’t have to constantly adjust the face cradle and they don’t get lines and creases on the face especially on the forehead. Great product! I love it!

Sasha S.

Bodyworkers all over the world are treating their clients to a better massage experience with Happyface.

I had absolutely no congestion - amazing!!!

Diane R.

Finally a face cradle that allows me to offer my clients a more comfortable massage session!

Laura P.

I found that Happyface positioned my head and neck more comfortably than a standard face cradle. It has been a great relief to my therapeutic massages.

Roger E.